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What is veneer

Plywood by Kaltsidis & Co

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood. From 1m³ log we can acquire up to 700-1000m² wood veneer. According to history records, ancient Egyptians were the first to use veneers for decorative purposes. Finally, veneer production has developed into an industry since the 1950’s.

Veneer is obtained either by “peeling” the trunk of a tree or by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood known as quarter slicing. The appearance of the grain and figure in wood comes from slicing through the growth rings of a tree and depends upon the angle at which the wood is sliced. The thickness of veneers varies between 0,5 and 0,10 mm depending on the used wood specie. More than 140 different wood species are available in the wood world market.

Plywood by Kaltsidis & Co

Wood veneer is closely identified with the absolute beauty and perfection of nature. There is no other natural product competitive to such added value. There are endless applications of using wood veneers in daily-life conditions and business environment such as doors, classy furniture, flooring, decorative wood wallpapers, kitchen furniture etc.

Every individual tree holds its personal characteristics thus leading to an enormous diversity of wood veneer. Various finishing applications applied to this diversity bring every interior to unique realizations of character.

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